The Effectiveness of Matching Methods for Rectified Images

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science Computer Recognition Systems CORES Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems CORES 2013
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Medical diagnostics today is based mainly on invasive methods and it should be strongly emphasised that they include not only the X-ray imaging, but also CT and MRI scanning. For several years in various research centres, there have been attempts to create a non-invasive medical diagnostic systems based on the fusion of photogrammetric and computer vision methods. Both the complexity of the problem and commitment to used well-known methods of diagnosis in medical circles did not allow for the creation of a fully functional prototype of system that could be implemented. In the paper, the authors present the problem of 3D reconstruction with a diagnosis of suitability of various matching methods used for rectified images. The result clearly indicate the superiority of the algorithm based on variational solution. The authors in their work on the development of photogrammetric non-invasive medical diagnostic system have not come across such an analysis. Therefore, they concluded that presenting such an analysis will be useful in further research.

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