Multifractal characterization of a dental restoration restorative composite after air-polishing

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air-polishing, restorative composite, dental restoration
  • Ştefan Ţălu
  • Marco Salerno
  • Sebastian Stach
  • Sanjay Thorat
  • Sandu Florin Alb
Applied Surface Science
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Roughness is of critical importance for the surface of dental materials. Air-polishing is a procedure commonly used on dental surfaces to remove the biofilm, however it can also damage the material surface. As a result its roughness is increased, and the possible fractal dimension, if any, may change. This study reviews atomic force microscope images of a reference dental restorative composite, treated with abrasive powders of either sodium bicarbonate or glycine, for times of 5, 10 or 30 s, and from distances of 2 or 7 mm. To fully

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